The Whole 9 Yards - Fabric Store FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q     Can you refer me to someone to make...pillows, cushions, draperies, my duvet and upholsterers?
A     YES. We make pillows, draperies, bench cushions and bedding right here! For larger upholstery projects we recommend you to the right person for the job when you purchase your fabric from The Whole 9 Yards.  We do not mark up the price of labor. We put you in direct contact with the upholsterer.. We can give you a ballpark idea of pricing at any time.

Q     How much fabric do I need for my project?
A     Bring us the measurements of your project and we can figure out how much you need. For upholstery, measure along the back of the furniture for the width. We will also ask for the number of loose cushions, and whether the piece has a skirt. For drapery, measure from bracket to bracket (that gives you the finished width). Measure from the rod to where you want it to hang to. We will take it from there. Call us for further details.

Q     Can you come to my house and help with design?
A     Yes, for a fee we can come to your home and help with all things design related.  We can also help tremendously at the store for no charge.  Give us a call to talk about which method would work best for you.

Q     What is the minimum amount of fabric I can buy?
A     If the fabric is in stock, you can buy as little an 1/4 th of a yard. Many of our special order fabrics have a 1 yard min., and take 2-3 weeks to arrive at the store. Other special order fabrics are a 15 yard min. and can take up to 2 months to arrive. It is best to consider if you have a time deadline before starting your fabirc shopping.

Q     Will someone help me with my fabric choices?
A     You Bet!! That's the best part of our job. We are happy to give as much (or as little) help that suits you.

Q     How often do you get new fabrics in the store?
A     Daily. Sometimes 1 roll arrives, sometimes 15. It is always exciting to see new fabrics come in. Let us know if you want us to keep our eyes open for something special for you!