The Whole 9 Yards Glossary
Wanna touch it?
Chenille Known for its cozy feel, chenille is also very durable, cleans up well, and is great paired with velvets and tapestry. Mix and match patterns to your hearts content. What fun!  The term "chenille" refers to the style of weave and not the fibers.

Cotton and Linen Prints Our 54" cotton prints are made for upholstery as well as drapery. They are woven tightly.  Many patterns help hide dirt and stains.  Most of the cotton and linen prints come with a stainguard fabric protector.

Silks for Upholstery WOW !!! Do we ever have beautiful 54" silks! They can be backed for upholstery wear. They come as damask patterns and coordinating stripes, as well as taffeta. We carry 45" dupioni silks in stock in various colors. Nothing else can compare to that great nubby texture. Remember that silks must be lined for drapery to avoid sun damage.

Tapestry The beauty of this fabric is owed to the many colors used to weave together one design. Good tapestries are like paintings and should retain their richness for many years. They also wear well and clean up well. They are a good choice for active families. (a polite way to say you are hard on your furniture.)


These fabrics are chosen for their deep and comfortable feel. The elegance is measured in the feeling. The look is rich and sumptuous! Velvets that are made for upholstery are intended for heavy duty wear.

Drapery velvets are known for the beautiful "fall" of the fabric.

Woven "Woven" is a pretty generic term, but in the upholstery world is referring to the use of the Jacquard loom to create the pattern in the fabric.